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Couples Massage Bristol

By James
Published in Bristol Massage
July 14, 2021
1 min read
Couples Massage Bristol

There is nothing more relaxing than a couples massage. The combination of luxurious treatments, soothing sounds, and caring touches can provide a new level of comfort and relaxation to two people. Find the best couples massage in Bristol for your next trip to the spa.

A couples massage can be a fantastic way for partners to relax and get closer to each other. The therapists will generally use a mix of Swedish Massage & Deep Tissue techniques. This will vary depending on how much pressure each person likes.

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Tiger Lily Nails Health & Beauty - Kingswood Couples Massage Review

For this review we had a couples massage at Tiger Lily Nails Health and Beauty in Kingswood. The booking process was simple with direct booking offered through the website via Treatwell. I was looking for a mild deep tissue massage to help release knots caused from weight training in my back and my partner was looking for a more gentle relaxing massage. Both massage therapists were able to customise the pressure level for each of us to ensure we got the massage we wanted. From start to finish the massage was relaxing with two massage tables in a quiet room. We were both able to drift away and enjoy our 55 minute massage and enjoyed every minute. They were professional and friendly and put us both at ease when running through the covid regulations. Tiger Lily is easy to find and has parking available. Highly recommended to check them out!

How to Prepare for the Perfect Couples Massage

If you’re looking for a way to relax and de-stress, then look no further than a couples massage! A few hours of pampering with your partner can be the perfect solution to end the day. Whether it’s an anniversary or just because, this is one gift that both partners will enjoy. But before you head off to your appointment, here are some important things to know about preparing for the perfect couples massage:

1) Keep in mind that massages should not be given on sore joints or weak muscles

2) Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and remove all jewelry and watches

3) Make sure both partners know their allergies and any medications they may be taking

What to expect from a couples massage

The massage therapist will first ask you a series of questions. These include what your pain level is for each person, the pressure that feels best to each person and any areas which are particularly sensitive or need more attention.

You can expect a thorough introduction before starting the session where both partners sit together while the therapist explains exactly what type of massage they’re going to be giving. The therapist will ask each person if they would like the massage on their front or back, and then go around asking which side of the body you prefer them to start with (i.e.: left shoulder, right thigh).

It is okay for one partner not to want any part of their body touched during a couples massage, but it should still be brought up before the session begins so that your therapist can take this into account when planning out who gets what section.

Benefits of a couples massage

Many people who come for a couples massage do so because they want to spend some quality time together. Some couples find that going through this experience side-by-side helps them reconnect and reestablish the connection between one another.

If you’re looking for new ways to bond with your partner, getting a couple’s massage is not only ideal but it can also provide several health benefits as well! Getting massaged releases endorphins which help reduce stress levels, increase happiness and even lower blood pressure. Couples massages are particularly helpful if you’ve been feeling stressed out lately or have simply been neglecting each other during busy periods of work/school/other responsibilities.

Lastly, this type of session provides an amazing opportunity to learn more about your partner and what their body needs. Maybe they prefer a more gentle touch or perhaps firmer pressure is best. The session gives you the opportunity to discover how your bodies fit together perfectly as well as which areas need extra attention right now (i.e.: maybe one of you has been having issues with back pain).

By attending this type of massage, couples will not only feel closer after such an incredible experience but may also be able to understand each other’s physical needs better than ever before!

Couples Massage in Bristol

Surprisingly there are very few places that offer couples massage in Bristol at the moment. We are always on the look out for more providers and offers so we will add them to the list above as soon as they come up.

How much does a couples massage cost in Bristol

Generally speaking we have found a couples massage tends to range from £50-70 per person. Its a great idea to look out for deals particularly around valentines day and through the holidays.

Why You Should Consider a Spa Day Couples Massage


If you are looking for ways to bond with your lover, family, or friends, try couples massage. Because it is a shared time, it’s good for a relationship. It also releases good hormones such as oxytocin, the bonding hormone. It tightens the bond and for lovers, this can translate to affection and sexual health.

Calms the Mind

A stressful day can be detrimental to your emotional and mental health. A couples massage session is a perfect way to unwind from a hectic schedule. Aside from the bonding, both of you will feel refreshed and calm.

Relationship Satisfaction

Couples’ massage therapy increases the release of dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin. These chemicals are the “feel good” hormones that are essential in dealing with stress. It gives a sense of well-being and happiness which affects relationship satisfaction.

How To Prepare for a Couples Massage in the Spa

Preparation for a couples massage is fairly easy and simple. Make sure to schedule it on days that you are not too busy. Avoid setting it up on a tight schedule. The spa day should be planned.

It would be best that you both take a shower prior to going to the couples massage session and avoid eating heavy meals. You can set the session before dinner so you’ll get to enjoy your food properly.

During the massage, turn off the phones or any devices both of you have to maximize the time together. You can talk with each other but avoid talking about stressful topics and issues.

As for the clothing etiquette, ask the spa in advance. In general, loose fitting, comfortable clothing is encouraged. Avoid bringing jewelry to the session since you will be asked to remove it.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Couples Massage

Massage is no longer associated with a luxurious spa day. Today, it is considered as part of wellness and health routines. Many studies showed the benefits of massage physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A massage is an act of manipulating or kneading a person’s body, putting pressure on the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin that will result in a sense of wellbeing and healing. Massage is an ancient healing tradition that was being practiced by Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, and Indians. They believe massage has therapeutic properties when dealing with various illnesses.

Including massage therapy in your wellness routine will significantly improve your wellness. Here are some of the therapeutic benefits of a massage:

Decreases Stress

Do you know massage is effective in decreasing the level of stress in your body? It works by lowering the heart rate and relaxes the muscles which eventually leads to the release of endorphins, a neurotransmitter that gives the sense of pleasure and happiness.

Improve Immune Response

A massage improves circulation and oxygenation which is essential for cells to function at optimum level. Medical researches showed that this massage therapy boosts the activity level of the “killer T cells” which are responsible for fighting off viruses.

Boost Flexibility

Pain-free movements rely on our flexibility. Unfortunately, the lack of exercise and aging often lead to stiffness, and muscle pain. When this happens, our range of motion will be affected. Massage can reduce pain as well as boost our flexibility by relieving muscle tightness and improve circulation.

Improve Sleep

Sleep is vital for mental and physical health. However, the struggle to get enough sleep is very common because of various factors. Studies have shown how massage therapy can induce restful sleep because it relaxes the body and releases serotonin, another feel-good neurotransmitter. A good massage aids in sleep.

Improve Focus and Mental Treatment

Massage slows down your nervous system which is part helps with concentration. People who are struggling with concentrating often have increases heart rate but therapeutic massage will help improve your focus and concentration.

Those who are struggling with anxiety or depression often find massage helpful in improving their sense of wellness and mental ability.

Couples massage is a wonderful date idea. Not only does it improve your health, but it is also a great bonding experience for couples. What are you waiting for, go get a massage soon!






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