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Krav Maga & Martial Arts Bristol

By James
Published in Health & Fitness
July 14, 2021
1 min read
Krav Maga & Martial Arts Bristol

Krav Maga is growing in Bristol and is a great way to keep fit while learning how to defend yourself. Take a look at some of the best instructors and gyms in Bristol.

StandStrong Academy

StandStrong Academy offers a range of Krav Maga & Self defences classes for all ages and experiences from thier private gym in Brislington.


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Bristol Krav Maga (KMG) Horfield

Orchard School, Filton Rd, Bristol BS7 0XZ
Bristol Krav Maga is Bristol’s only official Krav Maga Global (KMG) school. Krav Maga is built on natural reactions, minimum effort with maximum success. It is easy to learn, for women and men, all ages and fitness levels. They offer a wide range of learning options; from Weekly Classes and Private Tuition to Workshops and Tailored Courses to meet your individual needs.

Krav Maga: Safety, Effectiveness and What You’ll Learn

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed in Israel that focuses on real world situations as opposed to focusing solely on sporting events like judo, karate and various other martial arts.

It was founded by Imi Lichtenfeld, who helped develop the tactics of close quarter combat for military personnel during World War II. During this time he noticed many soldiers were at risk when they retreated from defending an area due to not being able to effectively defend themselves or had been compromised after fighting two enemies since they only knew how to fight one person at a time.

Krav Maga is a versatile self-defense system that has its roots in reality as opposed to focusing on sporting events like judo or karate.

Yes! It is suitable for men, women and children. There are specific drills that address gender-specific concerns such as self defense against sexual assault. And there’s also “Kids Krav” which teaches basic principles to very young children (ages three through six). Plus, even though it’s tough at times, it can be done while pregnant or nursing — just make sure your instructor is aware of your situation.

How do beginners start Krav Maga?

The best way to start is with a krav maga or self-defense trial class. These are typically a couple of hour long sessions that teach you how to defend yourself against an attacker who’s standing (e.g., grab from behind, pull out hair). That will give you the confidence and skills needed before moving on to more advanced drills for what happens when someone grabs your arm or won’t let go of your wrist.

What is Krav Maga’s philosophy?

Krav Maga asks one question: “How do I protect myself?” This means building techniques around today’s world — not some fantasy kingdom where everybody was honorable and nobody wanted anything but peace. For example, if somebody comes at me with a knife in their hand, I can’t just do a roundhouse kick and knock it away. I have to defend myself from the attack!

What will you learn?

You’ll get basic training so you know how your body works during an assault or other extreme situation (such as carjacking). You’ll also learn about pre-emptive strikes, which are movements done prior to being attacked where one person avoids harm by altering their position or taking steps backward with a defensive move like raising arms up over head shoulder height before they become involved in any kind of physical contact.

You’ll learn how to identify and escape a variety of situations, like the headlock or bear hug from behind (both hands grabbing your neck), an attacker attempting to take you down by pulling on your arm while they’re trying to attack with their other hand, when someone is attacking from the side where one person grabs both arms in the middle and pulls them up over head height so that he can punch you in the face without hindrance…etc.

You will also be taught techniques that will give you better odds at defending yourself against more than one assailant if attacked together - such as those who come at you simultaneously for example - which are done by using quick movements followed by strikes or kicks to disable opponents before going back into defensive positions.

Benefits of Krav Maga

Self Defense Skills: This should be obvious from its original intent but learning these skills could save your life one day. Fitness Training: Krav maga is a great way to build muscle strength, coordination and endurance.

Discipline: Learning these skills requires discipline and focus. You have to learn how to control your emotions in the face of an attack, which can carry over into other areas of life as well.

Physical Ability: Have you ever seen someone exuding strength? That’s what Krav Maga training will do for you! It’s a total body workout that builds muscular endurance with cardio-intensive drills while making participants think on their feet at all times — the coordination needed is incredible!

Social Skills: The best part about this activity is that it creates a tightknit community where everyone has something invested in each person’s success. Plus, learning self defense techniques helps build confidence by teaching people they are capable of taking care of themselves when something goes wrong.


People with certain injuries or disabilities may need to find a different form of exercise. You’ll need to participate in regular classes or you won’t maintain your skills, because they’re not easy to revisit on your own.

Learning Krav Maga:

Krav maga classes are not only about self-defense and fitness style moves — they can also teach you about controlling fear, assessing risks, developing courage and more. Classes are structured differently than traditional martial arts classes, and some people find this more accessible.

You’ll need to participate in regular classes or you won’t maintain your skills because they’re not easy to revisit on your own. People with certain injuries or disabilities may need to find a different form of exercise. Risks: There’s always the risk that someone could get hurt while practicing krav maga - so be careful!





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