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Massage Bristol

By Jennifer
Published in Bristol Massage
August 14, 2021
1 min read
Massage Bristol

Not sure what type of massage you might want? We have found some of the best from across Bristol of all types for you to look at!

Comfort Health - Bristol Physiotherapy & Massage

11 Alma Vale Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2HL
Based in Clifton, Comfort Health offers a wide range of physiotherapy and massage services.


Deep Tissue Massage
From £35
Sports Massage
From £35
From £42
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Sawadee Thai Massage & Spa Bristol

2nd floor Little Chinatown/168 Building, Nelson St, Bristol BS1 2BJ
Sawadee Thai is the perfect choice for an effective and relaxing Thai massage in Bristol City Centre. Professionally trained Thai Massage therapist who will help you with the perfect treatment for deep relaxation, stiff or tight muscles, body rejuvenation, or simply a wonderful relaxing foot massage.


Traditional Thai Massage - 30min
Traditional Thai Massage - 60min

What types of massage are there?

Swedish Massage - The most common of the massage techniques. It has been referred to as “the workman’s friend” and is used for a variety of purposes from relaxation to muscle pain relief.

Swedish Massage focuses on long, sweeping strokes usually performed with five fingers or more. The deep tissues are not worked with this stroke which explains why it is so gentle.

Deep Tissue Massage - Treatment of muscle pain, tension and scar tissue.

Typically therapists will work harder to break down chronic pain or injured muscles. This is often performed using smaller strokes with the hands, elbows, feet or a variety of other body parts including rollers. Deep tissue can be used for relaxation too but typically it is not as relaxing as regular Swedish massage since it focuses on the deeper muscle tissues.

Treatment times vary depending on the needs of your specific injury or condition. What type of massage is best? That’s up to you! Most people do prefer one over another so discuss it with your therapist and see what works best for you!

Sports Massage - Focusing on athletes in training like runners, weightlifters and cyclists A massage therapist will work to improve muscle tone and flexibility, boost your immune system and help your body recover.

Reduction of swelling is an important part of a sports massage, also known as “lactic acid release”. This process helps loosen the “knots” in the muscles that cause pain which will allow for increased range of motion and decreased soreness after exercise. The therapist will most likely apply ice immediately following the treatment to reduce lactic acid build-up. Reducing post workout pain with massage can lead to fewer aches and pains later developing into serious injury!

Pre-natal Massage - Massage focused on prenatal women who are pregnant or looking forward to becoming pregnant. The goal is to give pregnant women relief from common discomforts in the body, from back pain to leg cramps.

Massage therapists are trained to recognize and treat certain conditions a pregnant woman may encounter as well as provide education on how massage can benefit her during this exciting time. If your mom’s not getting enough massages, try offering to give her one!

Thai Massage - Invented in Thailand around 2500 years ago. It is the original form of “Yi-dam”, which literally translates to “the way of energy”. Tui na (pronounced too-ee nah) and Thai massage are quite similar. In fact, tui na is a combination of some traditional elements of Thai massage and Chinese massages with acupuncture techniques introduced by early Buddhist monks about five hundred years ago. While often referred to as a “pressure point style massage,” the emphasis isn’t on your pressure points so much as it is on stretching muscles long enough to penetrate deeper into muscle tissue, tendons and ligaments allowing for better blood flow; increased circulation removes toxins and allows oxygenated blood to pass through the tissues helping repair damaged muscle. All of this leads to an increase in flexibility and a decrease in trigger points that cause pain and discomfort leaving you feeling relaxed, energized and revitalized!

You can think of Thai Massage as more “stretching” than pressure point massage since so much focus is on the body being stretched; rather than your therapist trying to find problem areas through palpation. This also creates a deeper stretch which allows for greater relaxation in general.

Thai massage includes many energy lines (called sen) throughout the body similar to acupuncture meridians. These are formed by connecting specific points along the limbs with the same name - e.g., wrist, arm, hip etc…

Couples Massage - Why not!? In fact, it’s a great way to spend time with your partner. The couple that massages together stays together! Couples Massage provides the perfect opportunity for couples to relax and connect while enjoying each other’s company. It’s a memorable experience which is both therapeutic and romantic in nature.

In fact, many massage therapists offer special packages specifically designed for “couples” including oils tailored scents specific moods or even full body treatments! You can choose to receive either Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage as you enjoy the quiet music and candlelit ambiance!

What’s the difference between Swedish-style & Deep Tissue?

Swedish style involves long strokes and kneading of muscles, focusing on relaxation. It is often a lighter pressure, intended to relax rather than break down knots in the body (the goal of deep tissue/sports massage).

Deep Tissue massages are applied with firm pressure and work out knots through more intense strokes that can be uncomfortable at times. They target areas of chronic pain or illness, as well as muscle injuries such as pulled tendons or ligaments. Therapists may use light stretching motions during deep tissue massages.

What are the benefits of a massage?

A massage is an amazing way to reward your body. Many people feel like they have no time for themselves, but with a regular routine the benefits of massage can easily be incorporated into your busy life!

Massages help reduce stress and anxiety . With so much going on in everyday life it’s important that you find time to relax, after all we only get one body!

Massages also increase blood flow through the body leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. Massaging muscles can even increase metabolism which helps burn calories faster and promote fat loss Other benefits include: - Reduced pain & swelling - Improved Range Of Motion - Boosted immune system - Enhanced athletic performance - Increased flexibility & range of motion

  • Improved digestion - Reduced swelling and pain associated with arthritis - Increased energy

How often should you have a massage?

It really depends what you’re looking for. A Swedish massage can be done as often as once a week! However, since Deep Tissue massages are more intense they generally need to be spaced further apart… maybe every other week?

What should I look for in a massage therapist?

Treat yourself to the best! Like any profession there are good therapists and not so good ones. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your therapist… For example, if your Therapist isn’t respectful of boundaries (no touching without permission!) or invasive (asking questions about your personal life or making personal comments) then it may not be the best fit for you. It’s also important that the therapist has had extensive training in massage modalities.

How do I go about booking an appointment?

Many therapists offer special offers for first time customers. For example, a free 15 minute consultation or reduced rates. If you have never had a massage before it’s important to book with someone experienced and in a private setting (many salons also offer these services). We have created a list of some of the best massages in Bristol. So find the one you want and contact them via thier websites.

What should I wear?

It depends on the massage! However generally you want to be comfortable and loose fitting… no need to over dress! Also if there is any oil involved make sure your clothing won’t be ruined by oil stains. Most therapists will provide towels for you to wear during the massage!

How much does an hour long massage in Bristol cost?

It depends on the therapist, and if they’re offering any special packages! Some therapists can be found for as low as £35.00 per hour including out-call services. Go check their websites and find out more about them! We often have special offers to promote so check back regularly to find the best deals!






What types of massage are there?


What's the difference between Swedish-style & Deep Tissue?


What are the benefits of a massage?


How often should you have a massage?


What should I look for in a massage therapist?


How do I go about booking an appointment?


What should I wear?


How much does an hour long massage in Bristol cost?

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