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Personal Trainers Bristol

By James
Published in Health & Fitness
July 14, 2021
1 min read
Personal Trainers Bristol

Hiring a personal trainer can be an expensive investment. They can also be hard to find. So, what should you do? Check out our list of the best personal trainers in Bristol!

Still not sure? Then take a look at our personal training guide below…

Strength Lab

7 Lawrence Hill, Bristol, BS5 0BY
Strength Lab Offer a unique shared personal training experience. So you can get the quality and attention of a personal trainer at a fraction of the price!


2 Sessions/wk
3 Sessions/wk
Unlimited Sessions
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Personal Training in Bristol

As a large city there are lots of personal trainers around in Bristol from in gym options, to private gyms and even small trainers running out of converted rooms. Each can have different advantages to consider when looking at hireing a personal trainer.

In-gym trainers

As the name suggests these are trainers who are an additional service as part of your normal gym membership. These are usually an additional fee but can be a great way to ensure you are getting the best from your workout, as well as using the equipment safely.

These often work well as acouple of PT sessions per month on top of your normal training, particularly if you are alredy an avid trainer.

Private Personal Training Gyms

Private personal training gyms offer a more specialised service, with the facilities of a regular gym but the private nature of a personal trainer. While these can be expensive, they offer a very personal service which can be more tailored to your needs.

We recommend checking out shared personal training from the likes of StrengthLab. Here you can split the cost of personal training but still enjoy all the benefits of a dedicated personal training set up.

How much should I pay for a personal trainer?

How much you spend on a personal trainer will depend on your goals, availability, location and how much you want to train.

But in Bristol, an hours personal training session costs between looking between £40-60. There are verious discounts and packages available to meet specific goals so get in touch with one of the personal trainers above to get going.

Is paying for a personal trainer worth it?

If you are serious about your goals or are in need of some help to get you going on your fitness or weight loss journey, a personal trainer can be a great way to start. Gone are the days of an army style dressing down from a burly trainer, now most trainers aim to help with a variety of aspects of health including diet and mental well being.





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