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Seo Agency Bristol | Seo Agencies Bristol

By James
July 19, 2021
1 min read
Seo Agency Bristol | Seo Agencies Bristol

Find some of the best Search Engine Optimisation agencies and freelancers in Bristol. With digital marketing solutions for small business to multinationals, Bristol’s tech scene has you covered.


Business Incubator Emmaus, Backfields House, Upper York St, St Paul's, Bristol BS2 8QJ
CoolBison SEO Services, a Local SEO Services Bristol, UK or Worldwide. Their Bristol-based SEO services include; Technical SEO Audits, Keyword Research, Link Building Strategy, Content Growth via Blog, Competitor Analysis and Conversion Improvements.

Keel Over Marketing PPC & SEO

Whitefriars, 5th Floor, Lewins Mead, Bristol BS1 2NT
Working with large brands from thier central offices, Keel over provide a range of paid ad services from ppc to social ads.


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What is SEO?

SEO is a process to help websites rank better in search engines. This means more traffic for your website from a ‘free’ source.

What are the key elements of SEO?

On-page optimisation, quality and relevant content (not provided by anyone else), improving backlink profile, organic social media marketing, building brand awareness across social media platforms, regular keyword research & synonym analysis etc. - these are some of the activities that every SEO practitioner must implement in their daily struggle for rankings.

It has always been an ongoing debate on whether SEO is a black hat or ethical practice.

To me, it is very simple and clear cut, if you concentrate only on Google’s webmaster guidelines then all your efforts will fall in the ‘ethical’ category. If you use low quality rich anchor text links from irrelevant sites or develop spammy backlinks by any means then you’re doing something that Google does not like at all.

In case of the latter, I strongly suggest that before taking such decisions make sure you know what will be the impact of this action (not just for your website but also for others). In my opinion, our primary goal should be to ensure top rankings with minimum effort and time invested. Since its a free business model everyone can enter the field and people who know nothing about SEO will start offering their services. They’ll try to get rankings using unethical means as they don’t realize that those tactics are completely against Google’s guidelines.

Should I use an agency or a freelancer for SEO?

Depending on your company’s SEO budget it can be better to hire agencies with a proven track record rather than freelancers. In such cases, agencies provide solutions that are scalable and effective. They offer long term benefits for the company even when their services are not being used anymore which is often a problem with freelance SEO experts as they might end up costing more in the long run if their work cannot be sustained over a period of time without additional help from other SEO professionals. Just make sure that the agency has enough manpower working at all times for you to get good ROIs and deliverables.

The advantage of choosing a freelancer over an agency is that they lack to overheads of larger companies. This means these costs wont be transferred over to you as a client. As a result your budget can be spent on actual SEO work compared to business costs.

You can also gain a more experienced SEO as a freelancer compared the resource that might be assigned to you by an SEO agency.

How does SEO work?

There’s no guaranteed way on how to rank higher and improve search visibility without doing the actual work. However, there are some shortcuts that can help get better rankings faster than anyone else but those require money. In most cases the kind of money that you’ve spent on SEO would be less than the amount of business generated from your site.

SEO works in a cyclic loop which can be reiterated over and over again with every Google update. Let’s consider an example of an online portal where users are looking for information about ‘best restaurants’. A certain percentage of users will go directly to the website, while others will search for related keywords like ‘top 10 restaurants’, or maybe even ‘restaurants near me’ etc.

The key thing here is that people are going to use those phrases, and they’ll start typing these words into their search engines. Even if we rank number one for all possible combinations of these words, there still exists a huge base that doesn’t know about us or have even seen our website before.

Thus, when a query goes through the search engine and your site shows up at number one, they are more likely to click on that link. This will increase traffic and leads to revenue generation which is why SEO has always been an important topic for organizations who want to be successful online.





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