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Sports Massage Bristol

By James
Published in Bristol Massage
July 14, 2021
1 min read
Sports Massage Bristol

Many people don’t realize the importance of a sports massage. It can help to prevent injury, reduce soreness, and promote healthy blood flow. If you’re looking for an all-around treatment that will get your body back to 100%, this is it. But, where do you even start?

We’ve compiled a list of the best sports massage therapy in Bristol for your convenience. From deep tissue massage to trigger point therapy, they offer a range of treatments to help you feel better fast. Visit their website now or call them today!

Comfort Health - Bristol Physiotherapy & Massage

11 Alma Vale Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2HL
Based in Clifton, Comfort Health offers a wide range of physiotherapy and massage services.


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Sports Massage
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Sports Massages

A sports massage helps to realign muscles fibres deep in muscles as well as helping to flush away toxins which have built up through activity.


The main benefits of a sports massage on the body include:

  • Increasing performance
  • Releasing tension in muscles built up through training
  • Preventing injury
  • Reducing chronic pain from long term injuries
  • Improving recovery times post-event
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved sleep

The benefits from a sports massage will also vary based on the activity or competition you are planning to carry out. Speak to your sports massage therapist prior to your activity so you can plan the best course of action.


As sports massages are designed to aid or recover from physical activity then planning the schedule of your event and massage is important in order to see the greatest benefit from them.

Pre-event or competition: Depending on the event or competition you are planning on carrying out, its best to book in for a sports massage 3-7 days prior. This will allow any built up tension you are carrying in your muscles to be released. The extra time after the massage will allow your body to recover so you will not be fatigued as a result of the sports massage. If you only have a shorter timeframe to get your massage done (1 or 2 days before your event or comp) then it may be more beneficial to look at a swedish massage which will not fatigue the muscles as much as a sports massage, but still provide useful stretching to the muscles where needed.

Post-event or competition: Again the type of event will dictate how soon after competing you should have a sports massage. If you have competed in a very strenuous event then a sports massage may be painful, or at least uncomfortable due to your muscles being inflamed or generally sore from the activity. Waiting at least 24 hours after your event may be the best option if this is the case. Know your own body and ask your sports massage therapist to find what works best for you.


Sports massages are generally designed for people (or athletes) who have competed or are planning to compete in a strenuous activity, and want to maximise their results.

However, they can be beneficial for casual trainers at the gym or helping you if you want to increase your mobility, particularly as you get older.

A good option could be to use a sports massage more sporadically than more relaxing massages if you are not an athlete.


Drink plenty of water – this will help you to recover from the small tears in the muscle fibres which will occur during the massage. It will also help to get rid of any toxins which have built up in your body.

Take a shower – having a warm shower after the massage can help relax the body (and clean off any excess oils used!)

Eat – If using a sport massage post competition, getting the right nutrition is vital to ensure that the regenerative benefits of the sports massage are maximised. Speak to your coach or trainer prior to your massage to get the right nutritional plan in place.

Learn – If you are not an experienced massage goer or athlete, you may feel different to having a normal massage. How long you wait post event or the areas to focus on for your particular event can be dependant on your personal circumstances. Make a note of how you feel in the days after your first sports massage and then use this information to plan future recovery and training plans.

You may feel sore or stiff after the massage and even into the next couple of days depending how often you have massages. This is completely normal. Try to relax your muscles and avoid tensing up.





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